So after a whirlwind couple of days home this week, we headed back out of town around noon and arrived on site at Disc Jam with plenty of sunlight to get the day started. We unloaded the tent and got that all set up. Then we started building the shelving units…only to find that 4 of the gridwall panels needed to build one of the shelving units, were back in the trailer up at Hunter Mountain!

So instead of heading to pick up the Sam’s Club order, I sent Will up in the van to grab all of that stuff, while I headed up to Hunter Mountain to grab the shelving panels. After about an hour and a half on the road, I finally arrived in Hunter and got up to the booth. I was happy to be able to assess any damage that may have occurred during the previous days’ rain storms. Thankfully the booth was dry as a bone….however, as I began to look around behind the back counter area, I started to notice that somebody had been in there…

I first noticed a few empty chip & candy wrappers laying on top of the tarps we had over the front counters. Then I noticed that all of the 1 1/4″ rolling papers were missing…the 1 1/2″ papers were all still there, but the others were all gone. Finally, my eyes make their way over to the PAX display and see that the lock on the plastic case has been broken off and the last PAX is missing! I was so heartbroken, and frustrated, and angry, but mostly disappointed. So much for Security being on site taking care of everybody’s booths like we were told they would!

My energies and frustrations switched gears, back to the task at hand. I was running out of day light and I knew that the only restaurant somewhat close to Stephentown, NY was going to be closing the kitchen at 9:30! So I loaded up the gridwall panels from the trailer, and headed back down the mountain.

Thankfully, I got back into town just as Will was getting back from Sam’s Club. The crew all piled into vehicles and we all met up at the Backwater Grille on Queechee Lake in Canaan, NY. It’s a tradition to grub down on a delicious meal at Backwater before the Bella Terra Festival, and given that Disc Jam was at the same location, it all seemed appropriate to go in for some dinner and drinks. After this it’s back to the festival to catch some z’s before the festival opens up tomorrow.

See you all down here!