I’m on the L train back from visiting some friends in Brooklyn tonight, and figured I’d do a blog post! Today I drove into New York City for the FestForums NYC event at the Time Inc building. There was a pre-event earlier today at the Cutting Room in Manhattan where I was able to grab my conference badge and enjoy the open bar provided by Lagunitas Brewing Co and Antelope Island Rum.

I had a chance to do some great networking while Andy McKee and a band called The Clubs kept things lively in the venue! I also had a chance to meet up with some of my contacts at Relix Magazine to put faces to emails, and chat about some great opportunities for the future. We’ll be featured in their Festival Survival Guide again this year in the 16th Annual Festival Issue.

Then it was off to Brooklyn to meet up and grab some grub with my buddy Tai and some of his kickball teammates, Brad and Chris. We grubbed down at this place called Peter’s Since 1969 and filled up on bbq chicken and mac n cheese. Now I’m heading back to the hotel to catch some Z’s before heading off to the conference tomorrow morning.